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Raymond Yong


From the early 1980s, I spent my formative career in the accounting profession with the antecedent firms of Deloittes and KPMG. It was during this period that I developed a solid understanding of commercial life. I undertook audits of many private and public companies across numerous industry sectors and I gained an exposure to corporate investigation assignments during this time in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. This provided me with exposure to the internal operations of many businesses.

I also developed an expertise in working with companies facing financial difficulties when I undertook assignments for banks, creditors and shareholders. These assignments included, respectively managing as well as winding up the operations of businesses in receivership and liquidation. I learnt the importance of managing cashflow, and the broader and all too common reasons for business failure. From that, I learnt to identify the key ingredients for business success.

I applied those learnings in my subsequent career in banking and financial services where I identified, financed and relationship managed successful businesses in many sectors including; trade and professional services, manufacturers, property developers and property developments, wholesalers and importers, hotels, pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers, entertainment businesses, diversified industrials as well as investors. During this time, I also worked with business owners to identify shortcomings and strategic changes required to ensure long term financial stability and growth of their businesses.

My career in financial services encompassed the roles of State Manager for a foreign bank as well as an Australian bank operating nationally. In those roles I gained an opportunity to develop my management skills, in leading people and growing the businesses and the teams to support those multi-faceted operations. My experience has also included leading a registered tier one charity delivering services to people with disabilities.

Each of these roles has provided me with first-hand experience in developing strategy, planning implementation, delivering performance, measuring outcomes and managing risk. Most of all, it has provided me with the experience to lead people positively, develop supportive and constructive business cultures and deliver sustained success.

It is that background and experience that I bring to help business owners and managers, improve their performance in business and in their leadership roles.

If you’re wondering about my values and what drives me, I have found these words sum me up fairly – critical thinking, knowledge, an evidence based approach to challenging views, being socially conscious and fair, looking out for those less privileged, treating people with respect, staying fit, living simply, keeping things on a sustainable footing and making a contribution – these are all themes that resonate for me.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia, I’m a Certified Practising Accountant and a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I’ve also held past memberships of the Commonwealth Economic Development Authority, Australian Property Institute, Financial Services Institute of Australia and been a past committee member of the Australia China Business Council, South Australia.

At personal level, I’m married and have three adult children.

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Management Consultant and Business Adviser

Small to mid-size Businesses, Corporate Sector, Government and For Purpose Organisations

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Western Australia 6014 

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