Why would a client pick me to help them?

Clients choose me to work with them:


  • When they can build an easy rapport with me and decide they can trust me.


  • When they decide I have sufficient breadth of commercial and life experience to help them address their business and leadership issues. 


  • They are not necessarily looking for a specialist in Corporate Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Project Management, Marketing or Information Technology; but they are looking for someone who has had real life exposure and responsibility across all these areas and can recognise the problems and pitfalls; and


  • When they decide I have sufficient people skills and insight to really add value to their business and the way they lead their people.


Management Consultant and Business Adviser

Small to mid-size Businesses, Corporate Sector, Government and For Purpose Organisations

PO Box 431, Floreat,
Western Australia 6014 

+61 (0)404 315 243